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7/3: Objects now available. With a little help from Justinpie (you can find his work on Evolutionary Marvels) I made my first object. It is a lamp shaped like Uranium.

6/29: I have 2 new Elektra skins and a Skin of Princess Kida from Disney's Atlantis. Smarty also sends us skins of cyclops, Spiderman, and Silver Surfer. Check out some of the new features added. I also trying to learn how to make objects so I dp accecpt those as submissions, so if anybody who makes objects wants to send them to me, that is ok.

5/29: Moulin Rouge comes to Rajiv's Skin Shop! I added skins of Mya, Christina Aguilera, Pink, and Lil' Kim from the Lady Marmalade music video.

5/20: Added a Skin of Claire, one of my friends (don't worry David your skin is just taking along time to make). I also added a skin of Elisabeth from Survivor II

5/19: Added a skin of Lara Croft.

5/10: Added a skin of Scarlet Witch from the Ultimate X-Men Series.

4/25: Added a skin of Sunpyre.

4/23: As a memorial to Dazzler I added skin of her. I also added skins of both Black Widows.

4/22: I added a skin of Emma Frost in her New X-men costume. Also A skin of Skin (heehee) and a Rogue skin in her classic outfit.

4/20: The promised Generation X skins are here. I also added a Brotherhood Rogue skin.

    4/19: Teeny tiny update today. I just added a skin of Penance from Generation X. Be expecting more Generation X skins. Please send in some submissions. I also would like if every one who comes to this site to write something on the feedback section on the network message boards (it's a little empty and I need to know what I am doing right or wrong)
You can submit skins, just send them to Menonr@kingwoodcable.com 

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